Audrey Côté, animal behaviour consultant

I have always felt a strong passion for animals. Their way of reacting, behaving and communicating are, for me, elements of pure fascination.

I consider myself lucky to be able to work in this incredibly interesting field!

Having graduated from the “Formation Jacinthe Bouchard”, I am a certified Animal behaviour consultant.

I work with all types of animals (As much with domestic animals as with wild animals).

Every day, I have the pleasure of sharing my passion through the services I offer!

What are my methods ?

The main principles in my method include an immense respect for the animal and a constant communication. I works towards a healthy cohabitation between humans and animals, following a technique based on studies and opinions from incomparable professionals.

The techniques are soft and give the opportunity to the animal to understand the behavioural options that are possible, in a given circumstance. The animal can therefore modify its behaviour to replace it with one that is more pleasant, for him and for his entourage.